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"Gain confidence... Lose weight... Enjoy more freedom. This program allows you to change your thoughts overnight. Just LISTEN as you fall asleep, and you're done!"

Bradley Thompson,

“Here's How YOU Can Simply Drift Off to Sleep One Night
– And WAKE UP Enjoying More CONFIDENCE, More LUCK,
.... And ALL Absolutely WITHOUT EFFORT!

Dear Friend

Here's something to contemplate...

Can you IMAGINE if changing your life was as EASY as going to SLEEP?

I'm being serious.

Imagine drifting off into a sweet, silent slumber – and flicking a SECRET SWITCH that automatically started to REPROGRAM your THOUGHTS, and change your life.

And then imagine WAKING UP, to discover yourself enjoying some of the world's MOST POWERFUL life skills...

Experience TURBO-CHARGED Self Confidence!
Improve Your RELATIONSHIPS Beyond Belief!
BOOST Your Self-ESTEEM and Love Yourself Again!
LOSE ALL the WEIGHT You Want to Lose!

And these are just a few of the benefits you could enjoy after flicking that reprogramming switch JUST ONCE.

Now, what if you began to flick that switch EVERY SINGLE NIGHT – of EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

That's the power of SLEEP PROGRAMMING.

It allows you to change ANY area of your life - while you sleep.

And I'd like to share its secrets with you.

Read on...

"If you've ever wanted to change your life QUICKLY, then this program is the solution. I've used them over and over. I'm AMAZED at their effectiveness. I've used them to increase my self-esteem, reduce stress in my life, and gain answers in my dreams. An amazing package!"

- Sanjay Agrawal, 

Discover the HIDDEN SCIENCE Behind Sleep Programming!
Find Out Why It's MORE POWERFUL Than Hypnosis -
And How the US Government Use It to Train Its Troops!

This is Hale Carlton – and I'd like to give you a very warm welcome to this site.

Now, if there's one thing I know about – it's how to “program” the mind!

I'm the creator of The Meditation Program - and the man behind the mind-improvement technology in many other products, such as Binaural Beats and Subliminal CDs.

I've created brainwave material for Subliminal Studio and Brainwave Generator. And I've studied everything from Basic Brainwave Patterns to Advanced Neurotechnology - usually just for fun!

I'm an authority in the world of mind technology – and that's why I not only recognize the power of sleep programming, but I also developed the program I'm about to discuss with you.

But before all of that, let's ask a question.


Sleep programming is a technique of feeding powerful suggestions to your mind while you sleep, reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level.

And the crazy thing is that you already know how powerful it is.

Let me tell you why.

Think about hypnosis. It's perhaps the world's most widely-accepted method of self-change. The principles are simple: you get super-relaxed and enter a receptive state of mind, while the hypnotherapist feeds suggestions to your mind.

Yes – People experience BIG CHANGE with hypnosis.

But it's LIMITED.

Limited to one hour. On an uncomfortable therapist chair. Trying to relax. Fighting itches and eye twitching. Not being able to fully relax. Getting those sudden heart thumps.

Hypnosis can help people experience dramatic change.

However, it ISN'T the most powerful technique.

It's like going out for a drive in a Kia, when you could be sitting in a Mercedes.

Sleep Programming does the EXACT SAME JOB as hypnosis – but for EVERY SINGLE HOUR that you're asleep!

Think about it.

When are you most RELAXED? When is your mind TOTALLY OPEN to suggestion? When are you entering those deep, deep, suggestible Delta brainwave states that the hypnotherapist only DREAMS of getting you into?

Only when you're in bed – ASLEEP!

Sleep Programming is like attending an extremely powerful eight hour hypnosis session every single night. It's powerful – and it's been THOROUGHLY PROVEN too!

There's a whole branch of science known as “hypnopedia”, which documents the influence of commands while you sleep. The US Government even use the technique to teach morse code to military recruits while they sleep... with GREAT SUCCESS!

(Want to learn more? Read a scientific study from the San Diego State University here.)

It works.

The only question is: Are YOU taking advantage?

"I've used Sleep Programming with HUGE SUCCESS. From passing exams to gaining confidence. And now, ANYONE can do it - just by grabbing this program. This is powerful stuff. Excellent quality recordings. Recommended!!"

Karl Moore, best-selling author,

Here's How YOU Can Get Started with Sleep Programming
- Starting TONIGHT, Using Just a Simple Audio Player!
PLUS: Discover ADVANCED Sleep Programming Techniques!

Sleep Programming is perhaps the best kept secret in the self-development industry.

And you know something?

It's SO SIMPLE that YOU could put some of the techniques behind Sleep Programming to practice yourself, and begin reprogramming your OWN mind – TONIGHT.


You could begin very simply – by recording your own affirmations, and playing them on repeat while you fall to sleep.

Of course, there are a few pitfalls: most people don't respond well to their own voice; you need to be extremely careful when wording your affirmations; and, you can't incorporate advanced techniques, such as inductions, binaural beats, monaural beats, and so on.

But you COULD literally begin tonight – WITHOUT ANYTHING ELSE.

Over the past 6 years, I've helped to research and refine various sleep programming techniques, via our audio labs based in Australia.

I've seen thousands of individuals from across the globe use this technology to begin making RAPID CHANGE in their lives – without ANY EFFORT WHATSOEVER.


In fact, I'd say it's the most powerful personal development tool I've stumbled across in my ENTIRE 30 YEARS of working in the self-growth industry.

(And I don't say that about ANY OTHER product or service. ONLY Sleep Programming!)

That's why last year, I started working on the development of the WORLD'S FIRST Sleep Programming audio session range.

I'm talking about a small collection of audio recordings designed to help assist in KEY AREAS of your life... such as SELF-CONFIDENCE... INTELLIGENCE... WEIGHT LOSS... and more.

AND NOW these recordings are available to YOU - EXCLUSIVELY from the world's original sleep programming website - Sleep

Each of our powerful Sleep Programming sessions contain:

ADVANCED Mind Programming Scripts –
Just listen as the words take you into a deep slumber, then send commands direct to your mind – reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Incorporates direct commands, hypnotic language, NLP and visualization.

POWERFUL Atmospheric Music from Max Adronov -
Each recording contains specially composed music from world-leading producer, Max Andronov. Sit back and allow your mind to get absorbed into the sounds – taking you to far away places in just minutes!

SPECIALLY DESIGNED Brainwave Technology -
Your mind will always be in a receptive state for the messages, thanks to the “binaural beat” and “monaural beat” brainwave technology used within each session. This is EXTREMELY POTENT, and works with or without headphones!

Yes – these are the MOST ADVANCED Sleep Programming recordings ever produced.

And they're EASY to USE too. Simply play the track on repeat as your fall asleep. There's nothing extra you need to do. Just relax – and let the recording do ALL of the hard work for you!

Each recording will literally begin reprogramming your inner thoughts - changing your life from the inside, starting on the VERY FIRST NIGHT you use them.

And after that, the RESULTS just get BETTER and BETTER.

You're converting your eight hours of sleep into a fully-fledged, completely relaxing, totally enjoyable HYPNOSIS SESSION.

And NOW is YOUR chance to take advantage!

"I've chased every corner of the globe looking for QUICK ways to change your life. Sleep Programming HAS to be the easiest. I've researched it thoroughly, and put my big stamp of approval on these audio sessions. If you want FAST CHANGE, literally overnight, then try it out. It worked WONDERS for me. Thanks for producing such a quality collection!"

Michael Masterman,

NOW: Discover the 16 INCREDIBLE Sleep Programming audio sessions
That Can Change ANY Part Of Your Life - While You Sleep!
Simply Play the track on Repeat & Wake Up a NEW PERSON!

So, are YOU interested in boosting your life – using the power of Sleep Programming?

Our official Sleep Programming audio session range consists of SIXTEEN staggeringly powerful recordings, each lasting around 60 minutes in length, all sold in one bumper-sized package.

It includes EVERYTHING you need to get started, and each session focuses on a separate topic.


When you decide to order the Sleep Programming range, you'll receive the following individual audio sessions...

Turbo-Charge Your SELF-CONFIDENCE –
Just Listen As You Sleep!

Want to feel more CONFIDENT, literally overnight? Discover how to unlock your inner confidence, and feel comfortable in ANY situation. Feel GREAT about yourself and your abilities – and be SELF-ASSURED with every decision you make!


Tap Into Your INNER GENIUS Overnight –
Find Answers to ANYTHING!

Want to turn yourself into a GENIUS – while you sleep? Rewire your thought patterns at the DEEPEST possible level – and uncover the Einstein within you. Access UNLIMITED creativity, solve complex problems & speed up your thinking process. Just listen as you fall asleep! EASY!


Become Your IDEAL WEIGHT –
Absolutely No Effort Required!

What is the PERFECT WEIGHT for you? Drift off to sleep as this audio session reprograms your inner mind, ensuring your body burns off excess fat - FAST. Watch the pounds literally FALL AWAY without any effort whatsoever. You'll become slimmer within days. Losing weight has NEVER been this easy!


Get ANSWERS to Your Problems –
In Your Dreams, While You Sleep!!

Ever wanted to receive ANSWERS to your problems – in your DREAMS? Program your mind to provide solutions to even the most complex problems – while you're asleep. This session will help you find powerful answers, and remember the solutions, each night, every night! It's how all the GREATEST geniuses work.


Experience AWESOME Business Success – Just Listen to This Session Overnight!

Would YOU like to begin experiencing fantastic BUSINESS SUCCESS – starting tomorrow morning? After just one night with this CD, you'll begin making the right decisions, cutting the right deals, and developing the right ideas to ensure your ULTIMATE business success. Extremely powerful.


BOOST All of Your Relationships –
Friendships, Partners, Business!

Want to ROCKET your relationships, just by changing some of your limiting beliefs? This audio session will make you more open to great relationships with ANYONE – business partners, life-long friends, or your spouse. Become a better person in ALL your interactions! This is one FANTASTIC skill. Just listen as you fall asleep!


Increase Your SELF-ESTEEM –
Love Yourself & Change Your Life!

Would you like to begin ACCEPTING & LOVING yourself completely? It's essential to your self-esteem – and it'll turn you into a more likeable, more loving individual. By changing yourself from the inside, you can enjoy POWERFUL SHIFTS in your whole life. And it can happen OVERNIGHT!


Suddenly Become SUPER LUCKY –
With the Law of Attraction!

Would YOU like to become an ultra-powerful MAGNET to GOOD LUCK? With this recording, you'll begin to automatically influence your thought patterns to bring “good luck” and “coincidences” your way. Tapping into the power of synchronicities and the Law of Attraction, this session brings AMAZING results!


Just Listen While You Sleep!

Want to be able to master new topics quickly, and have extraordinary confidence in your learning skills? Discover how to unlock your learning potential, and feel comfortable picking up any new subject. Begin to feel great about your abilities to rapidly learn ANYTHING!


Become ASSERTIVE & Get What You Want From Life – Overnight!

Want to become ASSERTIVE & CONFIDENT– while you sleep? Use this session to rewrite your thought patterns, becoming more certain about your skills and abilities. Nobody will take advantage of you in future. Learn to stand up for yourself and become assertive and confident in your abilities!


Feel MOTIVATED & Get Things Done – Wave Goodbye to Procrastination!

Would you like to FEEL EXCITED about the work you do? Want to be MOTIVATED to get jobs done -- and not feel like the day is simply dragging on. This session will help you feel PASSIONATE about your work, making every day FUN. Get motivated, feel energized - overnight!


THINK FASTER Than Lightening –
Speed Up Your Brain, Be Quick Witted!

Would you like to THINK FAST? Speed up your brain so that it can reach decisions, work out problems, or come back with witty comments -- at a nanosecond's notice. Speeding up your brain makes you a better person. And it's NEVER been this easy!


Feel FREE AS A BIRD, Every Single Day – Enjoy TRUE Inner Freedom!

Ready to enjoy the ULTIMATE FREEDOM? If you've been feeling stuck in a rut and really want to move forward, THIS is the session for you. It'll change your entire view on life, and help you drop unnecessary dependencies. With this session, you'll enjoy Total Freedom - overnight!


Discover How to RELAX & Become More Easy-Going – BANISH Stress Forever!

Would you like to be CHILLED OUT, 24/7? Stress holds you back and makes you a difficult person to be with. With this session, you'll be able to literally SWITCH IT OFF -- and suddenly become a more relaxed individual. Life will take on a new perspective. And it'll all happen WHILE YOU SLEEP!


Want to WAKE UP Feeling Great –
Every Morning? Here's the Solution!

Would you like to JUMP out of bed each morning - EXCITED at the day ahead? Want to look forward to each morning with enthusiasm and optimism? Want more ENERGY as you start your day? This session will CHANGE your life, from the inside out... literally overnight!


Think POSITIVELY & Change Your Life –
Just Play This Session As You Sleep!

Would YOU like to be more positive in your life? Want to automatically see the BEST in any situation - and enjoy a ROSIER outlook on everything? Become HAPPIER and change your INNER ATTITUDE. Simply listen to this session and FEEL POSITIVE!


Wow, now these are POWERFUL SKILLS – and YOU could be experiencing EACH of these audio sessions, and REPROGRAMMING your deepest thoughts – within the next few days.

And remember, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT you put one of these recordings on repeat, you're continuously IMPROVING each of the skills and habits – BOOSTING your abilities beyond anything you can currently imagine.

... All without ANY effort whatsoever!

Please – TELL ME that you're interested!

"As one of the UK's leading dream experts, I know how powerful our sleep time really is. These are the ONLY audio programs that can really help change your life, while you sleep! Sleep Programming has long been used by people in the know. With these sessions, ANYONE can take advantage of this powerful technology. Highly recommended!"

Jennifer Lansbury,

Are YOU Ready to Discover the Benefits of Sleep Programming?
Order TODAY And You'll Also Receive THREE Bonus Gifts --
Including a FREE Mystery Sleep Programming Session!

So – would YOU like to discover the power of Sleep Programming?

Would YOU like to begin changing your life, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT – with absolutely NO EFFORT whatsoever?

Then you MUST discover the Sleep Programming audio collection.

The kit is only sold as an entire collection, and used to retail at $695 for the now retired audio CD version – and $395 for the streaming sessions.


As part of our special promotion, we're reducing the price of the ENTIRE COLLECTION of SIXTEEN SESSIONS from $499.95 to JUST $119.95! for all the streaming audio sessions!

That's just over $7 PER SESSION!!!

That's cheaper than the cost of lunch, all for something that could truly REVOLUTIONIZE your life – in just a SINGLE NIGHT!!

Now THAT'S worth getting EXCITED ABOUT.


PLUS – If you purchase BEFORE MIDNIGHT, - You'll ALSO receive the following BONUSES:

MYSTERY Sleep Programming Session!!

MYSTERY Sleep Programming Session!!

When you purchase today, you'll also receive a MYSTERY Sleep Programming session...

I'm not going into detail, but this session allows you to acquire a very special skill that a LOT of people are going crazy for. We initially designed this SECRET little session just for ourselves. But if you buy TODAY, then it's YOURS. You'll LOVE it!

Experience AWESOME BUSINESS SUCCESS – Instantly!


Purchase TODAY, and our team will ALSO include a bundle of bonus gifts – including Anthony Robbins book, “Notes from a Friend”, two FREE hypnosis sessions, a copy of “Change Your Mind” and MORE.
It's the ultimate self-development gift set!


There are NO hidden extra costs for these THREE BONUS GIFTS – However you ABSOLUTELY MUST purchase before MIDNIGHT in order to take advantage!


There's NEVER been a better time to discover the world of Sleep Programming.


These are the MOST ADVANCED Sleep Programmin sessions EVER CREATED –

- And this is ALL available to YOU right now - at OUR LOWEST PRICE EVER!

So click on one of the following buttons – and begin to experience the POWER of Sleep Programming, starting TONIGHT!


Click HERE to purchase the Downloadable version for $119.95!

Access details for all SIXTEEN recordings will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.
Plays on computers and portable devices like your phone and tablet!

"Gain confidence... Lose weight... Enjoy more freedom. These audio sessions allow you to change your thoughts overnight. Just LISTEN as you fall asleep, and you're done! These programs are so powerful, I'm recommending them in my newsletter, JUST because I believe in them so much."

Bradley Thompson,

PLUS: Try Out the ENTIRE Package For ONE FULL YEAR
Absolutely RISK-FREE!  If You're Not 100% THRILLED,
We'll Refund EVERY PENNY You Paid - No Questions Asked!

How would YOU like to discover the secrets of Sleep Programming –

- Absolutely RISK-FREE, for an ENTIRE YEAR!

That's right – you can try out ALL SIXTEEN of the Sleep Programming sessions at absolutely NO risk to yourself whatsoever.

Just check out this FULL guarantee, officially backed by our publisher, the The Self Development Network:

You'll Be AMAZED – Or Your Money BACK!

Order the Sleep Programming collection TODAY – and we GUARANTEE
you'll be absolutely awe-inspired by the results you achieve.

Try it out for at least six months – and if you're not seeing
results that absolutely ASTOUND YOU, simply return the kit within
a year for a FULL REFUND.

NOT ONLY THAT – You can also keep ALL of the bonus
goodies we send you absolutely FREE of charge, as
special thanks for trying out the kit!

WHO ELSE offers a guarantee like that?


So if you're even REMOTELY interested in changing your life overnight – using the power of Sleep Programming – then grab YOUR collection TODAY!

Remember, Sleep Programming requires absolutely NO effort whatsoever. It's MORE POWERFUL than hypnosis – and every night you listen to the CDs, you're further reinforcing some of the most POWERFUL SKILLS you could EVER develop!

Put your self-development on the FAST TRACK. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Grab ALL SIXTEEN POWERFUL SESSIONS, and your THREE bonus gifts -- all at our BEST PRICE EVER.

Click one of the buttons below to order YOUR Sleep Programming kit TODAY:


Click HERE to purchase the Downloadable version for $119.95!

Access details to all SIXTEEN sessions will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.
Plays on computers and portable devices like your phone and tablet!

"If you've ever wanted to change your life QUICKLY, then these audio sessions are the solution. I've used them over and over. I'm AMAZED at their effectiveness. I've used them to increase my self-esteem, reduce stress in my life, and gain answers in my dreams. An amazing package!"

- Sanjay Agrawal, 

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At the beginning of this letter, I asked you a question...

“Can you IMAGINE if changing your life was as easy and effortless as going to sleep?”

Well, there's no need to “imagine” anymore.

You see, changing your life really IS that easy – with the science of Sleep Programming.

So if you'd like to...

Turbo-Charge Your SELF-CONFIDENCE – While You Sleep!
Tap Into Your INNER GENIUS - Overnight!
Become Your IDEAL WEIGHT – No Effort Required!
Experience AWESOME BUSINESS SUCCESS – Instantly!
BOOST Your Relationships Beyond Belief!

Increase Your SELF-ESTEEM & Love Yourself More!
Become SUPER LUCKY – With the Law of Attraction!


... Then it's about time YOU discovered Sleep Programming!

I'm willing to bet my name that this is the SECRET KEY you've been seeking for quite some time. Give it a go – RISK-FREE - and just see how it revolutionizes your life.


Click HERE to purchase the Downloadable version for $119.95!

Access details to all SIXTEEN sessions will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.
Plays on computers and portable devices like your phone and tablet!


Thanks for visiting my site today.

Best wishes,

Hale Carlton

Hale Carlton
, Brainwave Expert
Creator of the Sleep Programming series
Co-creator of The Meditation Program
Sleep is part of the The Self Development Network.

PS. The entire Sleep Programming range is EXCLUSIVE to this website! You cannot purchase this program anywhere else. They're not available in stores, nor online via any other retailer. Sleep is THE original producer of Sleep Programming material – and it's available to YOU, right now! Purchase the access to these sessions today!

PPS. Remember that GUARANTEE – AND Keep the Bonuses! Try out the entire Sleep Programming range for a full year, absolutely RISK-FREE. Plus, if you decide the program isn't for you – we'll STILL let you keep ALL of the bonuses! Purchase the access to these sessions today!

PPPS. So – Would YOU like to begin changing your life, as easily as you fall asleep? This is self-development as it's simplest. Sleep Programming can replace years of hypnosis within just a couple of weeks. It's EASY, it's POWERFUL – and this is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage, at the cheapest price EVER. Purchase the access to these sessions today!


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